This is me after 150 lbs lost. I’m right around 180 lbs here. Yes, my shorts are too baggy. And the t-shirt is a large size, whereas I was wearing XL tees before. But I still wear XL t-shirts to the gym.

I’m gonna try to lose another 5 pounds. Then I go on Medifast Maintenance. Woo-hoo!

Anonymous said: What phase of the program are you in now? I'm assuming you are out of the weight loss phase because, DAMN! I'm 30 lbs away from the transition phase and wanted to see what the other phases are like if you're them.

im still in the weight loss phase. my medifast counselor (kim) says i can go on maintenance anytime, but for some reason, i am fixated on being b/w 170-175 lbs. i think i can get there within a few months.

im looking forward to maintenance while at the same time kind of reluctant to go on it. i love being on the 5x2 meal plan. i can do this for YEARS. im not kidding. then again, my parents are coming up next weekend and it’d be nice to go out to dinner with them without worrying about 5x2. i dunno, we shall see.

Anonymous said: Vince! That injury must have really turned your world upside down. Glad to hear you back on the air. I hope you're still going strong with your program. How about an update? From John, now 152 lbs down.

yo john! sorry for the late reply. im at the weight i was before my fall. a little under, even. im at 185 lbs.

i gained like 10-12 lbs during the month i was pretty much laying in bed in pain. the hospital fed me tons of crap- and of course i loved every minute of it.

then i stayed with my parents. while my mom fed me good stuff (fish, fruit, veggies, brown rice) i ate A LOT of it. i snacked a lot at their house too: trail mix, potato chips, sandwiches, cereal. plus we went out to eat and i ate some fast food ive been wanting to try (the pretzel burger at wendys is da bomb). i figured i had some time to eat whatever i felt like so i might as well take advantage. but i also wanted to get back to my medifast diet not just for health reasons but i really like the comfort of knowing what im going to eat. sounds odd, but knowing what im going to eat everyday is such a relief and it just makes my life easy. endless choices of food confounds me!

so when i came back, i went on sort of medifast-lite for a week to not make the switch back too big of a change. i just ate clean and smart. well, 10 lbs disappeared in like a week! it was amazing. and like i said, im at 185. i was 186 or 187 before i fell.

im also back in the gym, but going light and easy. trust me, i learned my lesson! it feels good to be back and working out. and on the treadmill, i just walk now. im the old guy who walks on the treadmill- and im perfectly cool with that! i do a slow pace: in 20 minutes i walk just over a mile. im old and slow, but when i think about what i was doing in the gym, i was out of my mind. i was just working out way too hard and way too much. so im back, takin my sweet ass time, just chillin’.

i feel 100% again. no more pain! my back, butt, and legs were hurting like crazy. turns out i just needed time to heal. no surgery, no meds, no physical therapy, NOTHING! a little parental love didnt hurt, either.

i just thank the Lord that i didnt die. that people helped me and were there for me and my parents cared for me. im sure you can hear it in my voice on the air- im just so happy im alive, i have my health back, and im super appreciative of everything and everyone.

congrats on being down 152 lbs, dude! thats awesome!

Anonymous said: Congrats on your accomplishments. My wife and I are at the Roseville office and you wouldn't believe how often we hear your name. You're probably responsible for at least 1/2 their business. Tomorrow I start my 7th week and I've lost 43 lbs. Keep up the good work.

awesome! congrats and keep it up!

Me just cuz i thought i looked str8 gourgie.

Me just cuz i thought i looked str8 gourgie.

seaninsj said: Other than A&G and After Show, can you recommend an entertaining podcast. I walk a lot and need entorment. I currently listen to the nerdist and Will Sasso's 10 Minute Podcast. Need to 'spand my horizons.

my faves are adam carolla, no agenda, and twit

Anonymous said: Vince, I think you are absolutely the bee's knees on A&G and I love that you have the Aftershow now. Keep up the great work, and I know you will be beating the chicas back with a broomstick very soon. The only condition is that you need to get out there more bruv. Don't hide your awesome self from the world. Otherwise you will turn into Dominic or Michael. Those guys suck.

i know right. i just wish i had a dude friend up here who i could hit up the clubs with. then again i used to go clubbin by myself all the time in my 20s if all my boys were cupcaked up wif dey wifeys.

Me at 198.

im down over 130 lbs in a little under 7 months. yeah buddy.

im down over 130 lbs in a little under 7 months. yeah buddy.

This is me (on the right) around 207 lbs. I’ve been on Medifast for 6 months and 1 week. I still think I look fat. Whatevs.

Anonymous said: Hi Vince. You don't know me but I thought you should know that you and I are engaged in a vicious weight loss competition. I started around the same time as you and I've lost 128.8 pounds. I've listened as you've reported your progress and it's been amusing as we jockey back and forth for the lead. You made great progress recently while I've slowed down a bit. Keep up the good work. I need to get my butt in gear!

128 pounds dude as kanye would say THAT SH*T CRAY. nah but congrats dude. thats amazing. i started nov 26. i want to lose another 30 or so. im about 207 right now. im slowing down a little too, but i expected that. how much more do you plan to lose? i dont think ill be able to beat you, though. perhaps if i cut off an arm hmm..

oh and i was gonna take today off from the gym but after reading your post im getting my ass to the 24 hour, son! holla!

Anonymous said: My wife and I joined because of you. I'm down 16 lbs in a week and a 1/2. Do you ever try any of the recipe's posted online or are you a strict chicken and spinach guy?

still on the steamed chicken kick and i also steam mushrooms and eat them (about an ounce of mushrooms) with every other lean and green meal just to mix it up a little.

i cut the spinach out. it was too gritty for me. i eat strictly butter lettuce and/ or romaine for my leans and greens now. love them both!

never tried any of the recipes because, well, im a man. plus i dont want to cook at all. i just want the easiest, fastest way to eat as possible, and for me that’s steaming 2-3 large bags of chicken per week and then just taking out how much i need when i need it.

and congrats on the weight loss! keep it going!

Anonymous said: You look amazing and have been a total inspiration. I ordered Medifast and am down 15 lbs. in 2 freakin' weeks. Amazing program and you represent it well. Keep on keepin' on, Vince!

thanks! keep it up!

chunderslues said: Shouldn't this section be called "Axe me anything?"

u betta aks sumbody

Anonymous said: Vince - I was looking at your goals and you said you would mention goal three when you reached goals 1 and 2. Soooo now that you've CRUSHED goals 1 and 2...what is goal 3?

damn i completely forgot about that! goal #3 is to get to a certain weight. i dont want to say what it is because i honestly dont know if i can get there. it was what i weighed when i was 23ish. but i’ll say it when i get close. or closer.

5-21-13 - edit/ update/ whatever: ive been thinking about your post so i’ll just come out and say it. i want to get to 175. it was what i weighed when i was 23 and i was MAD HAWT. can i get there? i dunno. my medifast counselor says 185 is optimal and to get to 175 id start to lose muscle. WE SHALL SEE!